About Us

Bondia is fully women owned enterprise, born out of an indispensable quest for Entrepreneurship.
We are 3 independent ladies who have come together by destiny. Food processing and trading has been traditionally a male dominated trade, where we found an opportunity to add value with our partners. Our commitment to stand by our partners through difficult times, has brought us a long way.
Today we are one of the leading suppliers in our industry. Our adherence to values and belief in quality has made us stand out in the market.

Under the auspicious guidance of our beloved Chairperson Mrs. Susan Varghese, we strive to make ourself the largest women enterprise in the country.
Our success also attributes to our team members, who play a vital role in the success of the organization.

Bondia's main strength lies in its impeccable sourcing and uncompromising quality standards. With direct partnerships with farms spanning Africa, America, and the Middle East, Bondia ensures a diverse range of nuts, dry fruits, and seeds of the highest caliber. This direct sourcing enables meticulous quality control, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity in every product, setting Bondia apart as a trusted provider in the market.

Bondia prioritizes the wellbeing and wellness of its customers through meticulous packaging practices. Our commitment to quality is evident in our innovative three-layer quality control system. Each package features a sealed and screw lid for primary control, supplemented by an aluminum seal cap to elevate quality standards. Furthermore, we employ inert gas filling and incorporate food-grade moisture control packs to preserve freshness and enhance overall quality. With these measures in place, Bondia ensures that every product maintains its integrity, delivering an unparalleled experience to our valued customers.